Mortgage Leads, Quality is to Be Considered

To get right to the point of the title of this article, if you are a loan officer or a mortgage broker and you are on the market for mortgage leads, quality is one thing to be considered.

By quality I mean fresh or what is better known as "real time."

Fresh leads are delivered to you hot off the press and they are everywhere from a matter of seconds old to no more than twenty-four hours old.

Anything else is pretty much recycled.

By recycled I mean that the leads have been sold multiple times to many different loan officers or even passed around from lead company to lead company.

Another term for these types of leads in the industry is junk leads.

I mean, what are the chances of closing a deal on a lead after you are the tenth loan officer to receive it.

In no way would this be considered quality.

Here is how you can be sure that you are receiving good quality leads.

Call someone in the customer service department of the mortgage lead company that you are considering working with.

Ask them how they obtain their leads.

You will want to hear that they obtain their leads through web sites that they own and operate on their own.

If they are doing it any other way than they are receiving their leads through third party vendors.

Remember, it is quality that you are looking for, so stick to the leads that you can receive fresh or in real time and avoid the leads that are being recycled.

Source by Jay Conners

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