'Til Debt Do Us Part

If you ask newlyweds what their greatest hope for their future is, besides mutual happiness, a large portion of them will say financial stability. Unfortunately, a large portion of them contribute to their unhealthy financial situation at exactly the time when they should be avoiding it, their wedding. Everyone wants to have a happy and special wedding and they are willing to go to very extravagant and expensive lengths to get the wedding they want. While it was traditional for the bride's father to pay for the wedding, most couples now fund their own weddings. This leads to many couples beginning their lives together under a heavy load of debt. This in turn puts more pressure on them as a couple when they come under strain trying to repay the large debts that they have accumulated.

Unfortunately, having an extravagant wedding is one way to lessen the chance of success that your marriage has as financial pressures can often be cited as a major reason for a marriage ending. Giving your partner the wedding they've always wanted or showing off your love for each other by having major festivals are some of the many reasons why people go for the biggest weddings possible. While the reasons like that for wanting a huge wedding with all the trimming can often be admirable, it does leave you in the same state as if you did it for a bad reason. Many people want a huge wedding because their favorite celebrity had a wedding just like it, but this is not a sensible reason unless you have the same income as they do.

Often people may not understand why they want a large wedding, they just feel like that's the only type of wedding to have. In many cases people do not actually set out to have an expensive wedding, but expenses just seem to snowball out of control. Often it can be exacerbated by other people, such as parents or friends who may not be contributing financially, but who feel that they need to give input on the wedding regardless. This is very unfair as it places unrealistic expectations on the couple to please everyone to ensure a happy day. As expenses seem to mount up slowly in small increments, it's common for the couple to overlook them until the total is set down on paper when it comes as a huge shock. To prevent this you need to set a strict budget and also put aside a set amount to cover extra expenses that are vital.

There are many ways to prevent yourself and your partner from getting into debt during the wedding period, each of which will help to reduce expenses a little. Firstly, you have to keep the guest list to a minimum, which is something most people can not do and it is what will contribute the most to overall expenses. You really only need those close to you to have a happy wedding. If possible have a day wedding as many costs are reduced in that way. Also, instead of hiring a hall or a huge area to have the wedding, hold it in a home with sufficient space or in a marquee in summer. Involve people coming to the wedding in the preparation, each person has a talent, use them to contribute to the end product, be it decoration or calligraphy. One last thing you can do is to avoid a free bar at all costs since alcohol can be the single largest expense you will have. Each of these can reduce your expenses and help to reduced the debt you may accumulate at the start of your lives together.

Source by Juliette Van Rooyen

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